A whiff of Belgian waffles

Took a quick (sigh. it's blurry) shot of the young lady making the waffles for us. Love the simple decor of the counter (two cute squirrels wrapped in scarves.) If only I can work at a waffles shop like this too.

Enticing the passers-by to buy their waffles :p

Just watched the latest episode of “The Amazing Race” online and they are still racing in Belgium. Cool, I love how this show brings back some lovely memories of the countries that I’ve been to.

Guess what, one of the detour challenges in Belgium this episode that got me so excited was the Waffles challenge that required the teams to set up a waffles shop and make waffles! Other than lots of chocolates that we tasted in Brussels last December, we ate warm and freshly baked Belgian waffles along the shopping street when it was quite cold in the morning. Couldn’t resist buying some to eat when we saw the queue. With different flavours available, I remember trying the green apple and strawberry ones. Not bad, though I think I would have preferred the chocolate ones.