Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Taken at Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia in 2010. We were all on a ferry, on our way to visit the floating village when a family on a small boat came near our ferry, waving frantically at us to get our attention. A closer look at the little girl and to our horror, she had a real snake around her neck. An unusual way of earning money from tourists which aroused our curiosity initially. Anyway, this family wanted US$1 from us for taking a photo with the girl or we could choose to take a photo with their snake too. Kudos to this little brave girl who appeared completely dauntless but I don’t really like this idea of using the kids to earn money from the tourists.

Then we realised there were more kids out there performing this stunt other than that little girl. Made me wonder whether this method of earning money for the family would be viable in the long run.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. I think when you have no option but to try these things to earn some money, you try them. A bit of money from some tourists may go a long way to putting food on the table for supper.

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