Weekly photo challenge: Down

Here’s my first try of choosing some of my photos for the weekly photo challenge! Enjoy!

I had lots of fun trying to capture a nice shot of a little squirrel scurrying around St James’ Park in London. This playful little squirrel quickly ran up a tree and attempted to camouflage itself against the brown trunk. After a while, it started to make its way down the tree slowly…I thought it was getting ready to run away again…

then unexpectedly, to our amazement, it did a quick flip and hugged the tree tightly, facing up this time. How cute! :p

Just to share another photo with you all. Saw this interesting wall mural in this classy restaurant in Brussels while waiting for our meal. Men in black aimlessly falling down from the sky.

Yet on the other side of the restaurant, you see this contrasting image of these men in black flying high up the sky again.

Guess that’s life for all of us, full of ups and downs. And here I am, dreaming of more ups than downs. Goodnight everybody! 🙂


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