What’s my travel type?

Completed the Lonely Planet Travel Quiz a few days ago and according to the quiz results, I’m a Trailblazer.

Your favorite destination is ‘off the radar’. You’re not the kind of traveler to tread a well-worn path. You might have in the past but now it’s all about new frontiers, whether that be a destination, an experience or a place to stay. You’ll seek out the interesting little towns that are outside the popular cities, or you’ll choose the hotels that give you the most quirk for your buck.  You’re hungry for new adventures, and these places might just satisfy your appetite!

Partly true but not completely off the radar all the time. That will be too extreme for me (I wish I was that adventurous). I do enjoy walking around interesting rustic little towns where it is less crowded and I can slowly discover and find unexpected surprises. Usually, the people are more friendly too. Besides, as compared to some people who choose to go to the same country for travel every year (Some of my colleagues do!), I rather choose a new destination to explore and go to as many different countries as I can.

On a sidenote, I like this travel quote that I got from Traveldudes today.

Take nothing but photographs. Leave nothing but footprints.

That’s what I’ve been doing and that makes me happy. 😀


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