Pad thai, anytime!

How many of us actually travel around the world to eat? No doubt, eating delicious authentic food has become one of the main highlights of our travel adventures.

Just came back from Phuket last week and instead of going to the Patong area to suntan at the beaches with the other tourists, my cousin and I explored the old Phuket town area. This is a must-try for all readers who are craving for cheap and good Thai food in Phuket – Uptown Restaurant which is just opposite the Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel. Saw many travel guides and websites raving about the cheap and good food in this restaurant and we specially went there for lunch before our last round of shopping at the nearby Expo market.

Cheap, clean and good! A good mix of both tourists and locals there for lunch. Just look at the extensive menu featured on the wall.

It was not too crowded there and after browsing through the menu, I did not hesitate to order a plate of pad thai which I was craving for. It’s my all-time favourite Thai dish. 😀

Sweet tea. Slightly orange in colour. I drank the sweet tea without milk (on the right) and it was refreshing for a hot day but a tad too sweet for my liking. My cousin is a fan of sweet tea with milk. She simply loves it!

My cousin's bowl of kuay tiew soup. She finished all of it quickly even before my pad thai came.

Ordered the spicy basil chicken without rice. Get ready to drink water and sweet tea as you eat this. Have to avoid eating the little chillies hidden in this dish, otherwise it is really spicy! We still managed to finish most of it.

Finally, my plate of pad thai. Comes neatly wrapped in egg. Mix the ingredients together and voila, it becomes a plate of yummy pad thai. Quite generous with the ingredients used for this dish. Thumbs up!

And so we left Phuket, very contented that day. A good meal and a happy time shopping for cheap bargains on the last day of our trip. What more can we ask for? So glad that we made our way to Uptown Restaurant. If only they have a branch over at the Phuket airport too. This was far better than the expensive Burger King meal that we had at the airport for dinner. 😀


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