Art of survival

Words of wisdom from a taxi uncle last Friday night. It was as if fate was playing its game again as I would have never met this uncle if the previous cab driver had not refused to drive me back home.

It goes something like this.

Teaching is a noble profession. You must not quit, even if there are lots of things in your job that can make you fed up and angry. Have to be more thick-skinned like my wife (his wife is a teacher too), till you are totally numb to such things. Even if lots of arrows are ‘shot’ at you every now and then,  they will naturally bounce off you instead of hurting you if you stay cool. In that way, you can then survive and do a good job of teaching.

How true. Easier said than done but somehow, I will try to keep his words in mind.


2 thoughts on “Art of survival

  1. 在这复杂的社会里,教书虽不是件很简单的事,但比起很多其他的职业,这是份很有意义的工作。我也不喜欢人与人之间的虚伪,为了达到目的完全不顾别人感受的冷血现实者,但是既然改变不了情况,倒不如换个角度想,人生并非为他人而活,只要做了自己最大的努力,就不要想太多。


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