When we were young and free

Had the sudden desire to reminisce about my first backpacking trip in Laos after bumping into one of my friends who went to Laos with me. Just saw PY yesterday and it was the first time the three of us saw each other again since our trip six years ago. Gosh! Still pretty much the same. The three of us were still laughing over the classic hilarious moments of our trips. It’s amazing how we could still remember those ten days when we were most rugged and adventurous.

How I miss that trip. A very significant turning point of my life. A trip that made me love travelling and yearn to travel to other parts of the world. To explore the world out there and get to meet other people of different culture. I vividly remember myself getting excited after hearing their travel plans and spontaneously telling them that I did not mind backpacking with them just about three weeks before the actual trip! A decision that surprised others as I did not even know PY very well before this trip. However, this last minute decision was one that I did not regret at all even though I was more of a follower for this trip. The two of them gamely planned everything and all they needed to do was to order an extra air ticket for me. 😀

Loved the way how we didn’t bother to look for accommodation before the trip and confidently searched for local budget accommodation only upon arrival. We actually love the small cosy guesthouse with Hello Kitty bedsheets we found in Laos. Not forgetting the other dark shaky “bungalow” on stilts with only a simple queen size wooden bed and a candle in Don Det that only cost us US$1 per night. How I love to wake up early and lay on the hammock all day while watching the sunrise in Don Det. Kayaking to find dolphins out in the Mekong, tubing slowly, eating a fresh fish from the night market everyday… the list of interesting things we did goes on and on.

As much as I love to share about my lovely experience in Europe, I think I would love to slowly share my experiences in Laos when it was less commercialised and touristy back then. Ten days from Kratie in Cambodia to Don Det, then to Vientienne, followed by Luang Prabang and last but not least to Bangkok. Rather than to squeeze everything in a blog entry, I shall take my time to describe my experiences while I can still can vividly remember the stuff. Starting from next weekend then. I’m trying very hard to commit to blooging at least once a week. 😉

Cheers to the start of another week. 3 more weeks to the March holidays!

Alone in a foreign land

Been a long time since I last blogged. Contemplating to write my personal blog entries in this blog too instead of just writing travel entries here. Shall try writing about life objectively instead of just rambling negatively.

My brother just flew over to Shanghai yesterday morning for a semester of exchange programme at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Lucky him. I didn’t even get to send him off at the departure hall. No updates from him yet, which I have no right to complain. Just like the way i always travel overseas without even bothering to call my loved ones back at home. Guess we all just want to be free when we are overseas.

Come to think of it, why didn’t I go for an exchange programme when I was in university? It would have been such a memorable highlight of my university life. My friends happily went for theirs in North Carolina while I immediately shunned the idea after considering the huge sum of money needed even if it is just for a semester. Didn’t think my parents could afford it then, since we had already got a study loan just to pay my university fees.

Anyway, I’m just wondering when I will have the courage to travel alone in a foreign land. First got inspired after watching the Korean drama “Scent of a Woman” whereby the female lead character discovered that she had cancer and could only lived for another six months at most. Thus, she decided to just go ahead to spend all her money that she had painstakingly saved and flew alone to her dream destination, Okinawa, Japan for a luxury vacation. Will I even survive on my own for a short trip? Or will I be too bored on my own? Think I will still prefer to travel with my friends who never fail to make my travel adventures fun and interesting.

My next overseas trip should be to Shanghai during my June holidays with my mum to visit my brother. It’s still too early to start planning for it but never too early to start counting down to my June holidays. Just a few months to go. 😀